Creating the look of a yoga studio

ClientMangalam Yoga (Austrian Yoga Studio)ServicesDevelopping a visual designYear2014

Who is Mangalam Yoga?

Mangalam Yoga is an Austrian yoga studio, that focusses on smaller groups in a personal atmosphere. The name „Mangalam“  is Sanskrit and means: happiness, joy, and well-being.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Mangalam’s self-concept, I used the design method „Semantic Differential“ and „SWOT analysis“. This measurement techniques helped to measure corporate attitudes and reveal the strength and weaknesses of the business and gave further input about who the client is.


Who is the audience?

Mangalam’s clients for yoga classes are mostly women living nearby and are in an age range of 35 to 45 years. For workshops and schoolings, clients travel from further afield.

The main goals of Mangalam’s audience are increasing mindfulness and their physical well-being. They are looking for stress reduction and a calming influence to be able to relax, strengthen their bodies and to ease back pains.





Design Solutions

I wanted to create a brand that expresses dynamic, movement and energy.
The client wanted to include the color orange in the palette.

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