The trophy, designed out of recycled newspapers, is awarded to Ph.D. students to honor special achievements in the field of sustainability. The trophy is a unique copy and is used as a challenge cup.

ClientDoktorandennetzwerk Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften e.V.ServicesSketching and planning, detailed creation, investigation and development of suitable material, building "paper wood"Year2013

1. Planning

Although product design definitely meant unchartered water for me, I decided to take part in this design pitch from Doktorandennetzwerk Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften e.V.
The task was to design a trophy for Ph.D. students who work in the field of sustainability.

The challenge was to create a design of esthetic value on the one hand but also to meet the principles of sustainability.

I came up with a very simple shape that focusses on the material. The main part should be something unique and experimental. I remembered having once seen a shelf made out of paper, that resembles wood and decided to achieve such a look.

For the bottom part, I decided to choose concrete, as it brings stability to the trophy and allows to work with embedded magnetic name tags, as the challenge cup is supposed to have changing owners.

2. Investigating

I decided to work with paper, as it is a cheap material and easy to handle. I could work with it in my studio without needing extra equipment.

Using recycled newspapers is meeting the goal to create a sustainable trophy.

I wanted to create a solid material that looks like wood. So I started investigating the material and tried to produce „Paper Wood“.
As I had no experience in this field before, this was a process that taught me a lot. Basically, I tried to glue sheets of newspaper together to a roll. Each sheet needs to completely dry, which I did in an oven. I repeated this procedure over and over to finally reach a certain volume that allows me to cut out the final shape of the trophy.


2. Production

Having created a set of paper rolls of sufficient size I was able to organize partners that helped me with cutting out the shape and varnishing the object. After the bottom part of the trophy was produced and I was able to combine the parts and present the final design.

Thank you for watching!

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